Thank you for sharing and loving my baby with me
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Thank you for sharing and loving my baby with me
Thank you for loving my baby with me
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A Father’s Love for his kids... “Daddy Issues” with my baby girl Mia Julian on @versesandflow full Link in bio..…
Thank you so much. Strong black would be nothing without a strong black woman like yourself.

About Chief The Poet

Michael “Chief” Peterson marries social consciousness with mellow poetic verses. Born and raised in New Britain, CT, he declares himself a man dedicated to his family and focused on helping our youth. A graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor of arts in Elementary Education and a bachelor degree in Child Psychology, he is no stranger to the injustice he speaks out about.
Chief’s accomplishments include: Three Time Connecticut Poetry Grand Slam Champion, University of Connecticut Grand Slam Champion,Two-time Enchanted Garden (Hartford, CT) Grand Slam Champion, Two-time St. Joseph’s College “Love Jones” Slam Champion.

I wish life had training wheels

In a blink of an eye, life as you know it can be violently changed forever. How do you respond? After experiencing one of life’s most difficult challenges, Michael “Chief” Peterson, uses poetic illustrations to chronicle his transition from the depths of hopelessness to the pinnacle of encouragement. One man’s emotionally powerful journey through life is brilliantly depicted in this story of family, faith, and love. When adversity strikes, how will you overcome?

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