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We stopped to make sure we always remember. My kids weren’t blessed to have met their Uncle Julian but they most ce… https://t.co/zTi9lIGuCA
Last night. I had the privilege and honor of marrying my college roommate and lifelong friend (Moses) It was one of… https://t.co/rsaBHunUTe

About Michael “Chief” Peterson

Michael “Chief” Peterson marries social consciousness with mellow poetic verses. Born and raised in New Britain, CT, he declares himself a man dedicated to his family and focused on helping our youth. A graduate of the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor of arts in Elementary Education and a bachelor degree in Child Psychology, he is no stranger to the injustice he speaks out about. He is currently a Dean of Students at his alma mater, New Britain High School and is also a part-time Child Development Specialist. He also coaches football and basketball at New Britain High School

Chief not only speaks about social inequities and individual struggle, but he acts to change the cycle. Chief is the playwright of and actor in his one-man show, I Wish Life Had Training Wheels. Chief was recently appointed as the first ever Poet Laureate of his hometown, New Britain Connecticut.  He appeared on Seasons 4, 5 and 6 of the TvOne hit series Lexus Verses and Flow. He is the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Connecticut Spoken Word Grand Slam Champion. Chief was featured at the Kallio Block Party in Helsinki, Finland. He also performed at the 2012 London Olympics. From the high school where he works to the stages where he performs, this poet on the rise turns his art into action while inspiring people to do the same.

His dedication to excelling in poetry has placed him in collaboration with some of today’s finest poets. Allowing him to noticed by and become a member of the Urbintel Inc. Family. He now works as a current writer/actor/poet for and assistant director of the Urbintel Production “The Male Ego,”

Chief not only speaks about social inequities and individual struggle, but acts to change the cycle. This is a performer who literally practices what he preaches. His writings touch on the topics of love, war, family, politics, adversity and so many different realms of life from his personal experiences, inspirations and thoughts. He claims to be certain that there will always be someone he inspires with his words.

From the high school where he works to the stages where he performs, this poet on the rise is about turning his art into action and inspiring people to do the same. Chief currently resides in New Britain and conitunes to work at New Britain High School as the Dean of Students and has two beautiful children Mia and Major

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