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Fatherly Advice

Lil nigga I told you you’d never seem me

and Believe mw when I tell you , you can never be me

Six kids and got away clean no pampers, No midnights dreams,

No teachin you to ride a bike, or teachin you how to fight,

No teachin you to speak with sophistication in class

No baby mama drama, cuz you know I can’t stand her

( but your mama do got a fat ass)

Lil nigga I told you, you’d never see me and believe me when I tell you, you can never be me

So 26 years later as you read this letter,

Life is tough but mine can’t get much better

No child support, no baby sittin, no day care bills and fees

A lil Henny and some tress and its back to da basics

Bag a shorty in the club 7 take her back to da basement.

Do the do and get her out before my mama wake up,

Oh yeah I’m still at home cuz I don’t wanna grow up

and I didn’t forget about your graduation I just ain’t wanna show up

I’m proud of you and all that but school ain’t for us all

I dropped out in the 10th grade and got that job at the mall.

That’s where I met your mama so be thankful for that

I am your father, that’s a fact regardless of what she say

And I know I missed every Christmas and all of your birthday’s

But I told you ,you’d never see me, and believe me when I tell you, you can never be me

So let this letter make up for all the years that I’ve missed

You’re 26 but I can still offer some fatherly advice like

“Live life to the fullest or be all you can be or when life brings you lemons make lemonade

or just cuz you pour syrup on shit, don’t make it pancakes” one day you’ll thank me for those words.

But on a more serious tip, find a girl with da biggest hips

and lips that can well you know where I’m going with this

Don’t believe the hype that women are smarter than men cuz here’s a lil twist

God gave men two heads and women four lips which means naturally men are smarter and women just talk more shit

And here’s something you should never forget

I’ve heard that behind every good man, there’s a good woman and it’s usually his mama

Which lead me to believe, behind every good woman, there should be a good man but it’s usually her mama

So somewhere within adolescence get involved in that drama, keep the trend going

You know, commit a couple crimes, do a little time and make sure you’re locked up just before your son is born

So you have an excuse not to go to the hospital, but be sure to go see him as soon as you get out just to make sure he has your features, Then keep it moving, cuz independence/single parenthood are two of life’s biggest teachers

Look at you, you did fine, when I told you you’d never see me

You didn’t worry about the father and son talks about the birds and the bee’s, being kind to the ladies, being bigger than your enemies,

Don’t worry about takin your son outside to play catch, you can always pop in the pictures years later and play catch-up.

As long as you fess-up and admit you were wrong, say something like, my son, my bad I was working late, no, I got a flat tire, no, no, my dog ate my homework

I mean my dog ate my balls which is probably why I never called

But I told you you’d never see me, and believe me when I tell you, you can never be me

And my son you don’t want to.

Those lonely years will haunt you. I wake up each day and pray you’ll forgive and understand.

But what the fuck makes me think I can raise an already grown man. What can I tell you now, “don’t do drugs, wear a condom, make sure you get an education.” Life is so much more than procreation, you have to be a father to your child, you cant just give them your name, use my life as an example of what is truly a shame

I’m sorry for not caring, I’m sorry for not being there, I apologize for being a failure, I’m sorry for the tears, I apologize for lying and giving the worst advice, here’s a lesson I’ve learned from the worst in life

Be a father to your child or it strips away your pride, leaving you dying alone and guilty inside

If I’ve never said anything worth hearing please let this be heard,

forgive me for my absence and remember these words

I told you you’d never see me and believe me when I tell you, you can never be me

Cuz I’m ashamed of myself and you should be ashamed of me too.

Be a father to your child or this is what you’ll go through.

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