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@Vixxx_G You got a mask? Lol
@nyarloka And we are every so thankful for your continued resurrection.
No Black Boys Die on Mother’s Day ~Steven Antoine Willis
@Syomy_27 @XumoTV WhAt makes him a loser?? I thought he said all the right things in that interview
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@ava 1st.. Youre hella Dope. Advice regarding turning a stage play into film. How different are the writing formats?

Home School

My mama taught me to throw a football, shoot my first jump shot, tie a tie, wash clothes, bitch, moan, complain

My mama taught me pain cuz that belt hurt like hell but I couldn’t tell her that cuz she taught me to be tough

cuz it’s the brave ones that shed tears and wear their fears out on their chests

and that its normal for my eyes to sway down to woman’s breast but its disrespectful to keep staring

My mama taught me to hold doors, buy flowers, send cards, give hugs and compliments,

My mama taught me the story of the birds and the bee’s but I was like

If neither the bird or the bee got a dick then what’s that gotta do with sex”

My mama taught me the difference between a chicken head and a lady, a condom and a baby,

Between gettin head and getting ahead cuz school is what’s important and them girls can wait

So I did my homework first and then I’d fornicate

Cuz sex is what’s poppin

But there’s more than that to life, puppy love is cool but one day I’d have a wife

and my kids might need me and my wife might leave me

But I’ve gotta be ready for all situations like a flat tire in the rain or 6 months probation

Cuz we all look the same and I might go to jail just for being black cuz racism still exist no matter where you’re at 나랜디 3.7 다운로드.

My mama taught me truth she said “don’t lie and don’t steal cuz I’ll beat your ass, then send you to jail, then have to bail your black ass out.”

My mama taught me to be careful with my heart and you know you’re comfortable around your girl when you fart

My mama taught me “A Man’s Family Is His Strength” and a man that don’t take care of his kids ain’t shit

So let’s talk about the piece of shit that raised me or lack there of,

Cuz all the love I received was from the Black Dove

That would cry sweat and bleed and try try again to make sure her boys became men

My mama would go to roads end and back then do it all again to make sure her 3 boys became men

So when people asks me what my father does for a living

I’d say SHE spends her life giving, to her kids

No No No your DAD your Father what does HE do for a living Youth body?

Oh him, huh, he’s a clown, cuz his life’s a fuckin joke cuz never once has he spoke to the child he created

and if they ask me would I like him to be buried or cremated,

I’d say throw him in a pit and let him rot like skunk shit

and if I ever walked by it I’d spit, out every ounce of sadness, madness and depression he’s ever made me feel,

Cuz to me he’s not real just a figment of mother’s past that only lasts in my memory as the living dead Download the subtitles for Iron Man2.

To me he could be dead or alive and I still wouldn’t care.

But my mama taught me to love, forgive and forget

Not wish for his death but pray for his health

But technically, technically, 1/2 of me is 1/2 of him and what kind of man would abandon 1/2 of himself

Like father like son my ass, I’ll pass on the opportunity to be a failure,

A nobody in the eyes of my own child, THAT’S WILD

I was neglected by my role model who’s a fuckin disgrace

So he should be disrespected by his own model I should spit in his face

The ultimate level of disrespect for the ultimate level of neglect

But my mommy raised me right and the streets taught me to fight

and Somewhere within the darkness of the night, I still had a sight

I had to do well so my brothers would do right

But 3 rights make a circle unless you go left

and going around in circles leaves you left in the same spot

So what’s left to do is go straight and continue movin on

and not get left in the past dwellin on the last bad thing that’s past through your life like…No daddy…..No,…..I don’t—know daddy

But lets not blame daddy for the struggles of life

It’s typical now-a-days for mommy to raise you alone

SO, I had to grow up fast like…

Leaving meat on the bone -So mommy would have something to eat

Cuz my mama taught me respect but there’s only so much respect you can give for the neglect of your 1st kid

Yet still, my mommy raised my right Al pdf ocr.

Sometimes from jail

But still I knew. I had to do right so my bothers would do well

SO, I had to grow up fast like…

Getting a job at 14 to help mommy pay the bills

No dad to teach me the tricks of a trade or some life time skills

I taught myself to ride a bike, I wish life had training wheels

Cuz the road to success is something terrible to ride

But I had a dollar and a dream and a soul full of pride

Overcoming the adversities of life leaves me at where I’m at

I’m proud to be black, proud to stay strapped…with my pen

I’m not reciting you a poem, I’m just telling you where I’ve been

And I hope he’s burnin from within

When he finds out his son is a mature, responsible, well educated man and it’s no thanks to him

Because my mama taught me to be a man

My mommy raised me to be a man

My Mother taught me to be a man

And now I finally understand what she meant when she said to me,

“Boy, I’m more of a man than your father will ever be”

I Love You MA 북 북북 다운로드.

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