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Journey For Love

So many kids in society today have been lead the misguided way

Cuz they’ve been a victim of so much negativity, hostility, profanity and infidelity

Papa was a rolling stone, brotha was rollin getting stone all the others are buried beneath rolling stones so now his belief in a mans role is stoned, a concrete image imbedded in the head of a child

Stuck forever to believe that life on the east was like living in the wild or the wild wild west

Cuz he’s seen so much death due to money drugs and gambling

Praying there’s a superhero that can help save his family

You know, like a FFFFFATHER, Batman or Robin

Instead we have villains like baby daddy’s, riddlers and a whole bunch of jokers

Life is like a box of chocolate..YEAH..more like a game of poker

Our young king was once high and joined a pair of jack asses on the flop

Now they’re headed straight down the river on a full boat of Ace-holes bred to be royal pains in the ass, expected to flush their lives away on the turn of any adversity they face

Now they’re forced to face a shuffled life with all the chips stacked against them.

Maybe their parents should have folded a long time ago

I mean my ffff.. daddy did, I guess he knew when to hold em and when to fold em

I’ve always wanted a ffff….daddy….

Look at me, I can’t even say the “F” word so Imma just cuss him the “F” out

First and Foremost I’m Furious with these Fake ffff….daddy Figures Fuckin up Families Forcing Fourteen year olds to Follow in their Footsteps of Failure

The Floodgates For Flunking are no Fairy tale of Fiction but in Fact an addiction

Fifteen year olds Fix and only Focus to Flow with the Fugitives

This Fool just did Four years and Fails to Forfeit the Fame of the streets

Now he Foiled in defeat cuz he Forgot to Factor in the Fact that the man that’s supposed to be his fff….dad Failed again

His Forecast reads a Future that’s so Far Fetched that he can only Fantasize about becoming familiar with Faith

So he’s Faced the Fact that his Fate will be a Fatality his Final Feature Found on the Filed of reality

Go Figure, that’s a Fitting Finish for the Facsimile of a Failed fff….Daddy

And this poem will serve as Fan mail For the most Famous man in the Fantasy world of Far Far Far the Fuck away From home where the Fellow fff….daddy’s of Failure roam and have Field days Fixated on Flossin the Fact that they left the Flesh of their Flesh and bone of their bone alone

E.T. phoned home, why the Fuck couldn’t daddy

But let’s not even call him daddy

Let’s just say he was a Fertile Friend of the Family

Understand me when I tell you that I can’t tell you how less this man means to me

How blessed THIS man seems to be

I have no kids yet but one day dream to be

The best damn fff….DAD I can, I his absence my fff….daddy taught me to be a man and through this poem I plan to change the nature of this land but I cant do it single handed-ly

Speaking from the heart and soul of the man in me

Fellas, I ask you to start being FATHERS instead of Friends or should I say Foes of the Family

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