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This top 9 joint is pretty dope.. happy new year to you all... #Chiefthepoet https://t.co/fTLQEL6QqV
Oohhh you know jus out here intertwining lives forever ever #MrAndMrsWilliams #Chiefthepoet #ChiefTheOfficiant lol… https://t.co/nk0m1ZPbuL
Happy Holidays from mine to yours.#PetersonLove #BlessingsToAll #AMansFamilyIsHisStrength https://t.co/yClbtjNaCv
Thankful for my children.. started the day giving back, supporting families. Ended the day with family, friends and… https://t.co/rtFTHTMCqR
In my opinion, This is perhaps one of the greatest moments in a child/parents life. Congratulations to two NBHS sen… https://t.co/fIwp6pwFOH
All my football coaches, colleagues and connects... please help me get my young boy some looks... 6’3 315lbs Jr OT https://t.co/nEiBgmhnv4
To all my college coaches, connects and associates.. check out my young boy. I need your help getting him some look… https://t.co/82DV8HJmAD
I was talkin hella ish about how these phones be spying on us etc etc but they also do stuff like this for us and i… https://t.co/TjRxK3guUo
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