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Check on your strong friend.. know there is a way out and you are not alone.. shouts to @amankbatra 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 https://t.co/4E6K1A0OSb
I be clownin with my students. Please disregard the overload of hate comin from my cohost Tangie. She be enjoying t… https://t.co/lcqOjyLvu9
#Tbt Teach your kids balance. Cherish the moments and take plenty of pictures. Laugh as much as possible and do not… https://t.co/Lp9mjsjTTx
For those of you that don’t know, I am the Dean of Students at a high school. Let the record state, if this EVER ha… https://t.co/G2xK9uxKmI
My nephew gets super busy. Played against one of the country’s highest ranked 8th graders and gave him that good ol… https://t.co/rtLKQBIEkF
United.... States of Poetry.. we filled the space with love @EasternCTStateU got them poems tonight..... with peace… https://t.co/wZOdj9sl88
We poem’n tonight @EasternCTStateU bringin love and unity in the space... Pull up and get some of this love... AND… https://t.co/sWewC0mEUm
Im poem’n this Friday at Eastern Connecticut State University... we fillin the place with love and Uniting these st… https://t.co/H9LGGenNlh
@DeionSanders how bout them Cowboys
RT @ChiefThePoet: https://t.co/swnLmNyCUx In honor of all the foolery goin on in the #NFL poem “Taco” for them #DallasCowboys
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