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To all my college coaches, connects and associates.. check out my young boy. I need your help getting him some look… https://t.co/82DV8HJmAD
I was talkin hella ish about how these phones be spying on us etc etc but they also do stuff like this for us and i… https://t.co/TjRxK3guUo
THIS KINDA LOVE AND SUPPORT..... One night President Obama and his wife Michelle decided to do something out of ro… https://t.co/KRDr2yq3OZ
Be the change you wish to see or something like that.. but it feels amazing to coach our boys on Saturday and have… https://t.co/nKj4X7Q22y
Thank you for sharing and loving my baby with me https://t.co/gIPGx9PtsJ
RT @DadIsntANoun: Via @chiefthepoet Father & daughter poet collaboration 😍😍😍 #changethenarrative #dadisntanoun #blackfathers #allblack #ev
RT @Power927FM: I’m not crying...YOU ARE!!! 😭😭 • “Why I Love You” by @nowthatsmajor came on and this father @chiefthepoet was overcome wit…
Thank you for sharing and loving my baby with me https://t.co/yKIDPoRaoq
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