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The End Of The Rainbow

If 60 percent of the famous rappers actors and all of the above sold drugs when they were younger and 70% of the men are in jail now for selling drugs and 80% of the teenagers in the hood sell drugs…then who the hell is buying them? So now we have corrupt teens following the patterns of failed adults selling drugs to kids that steal to get the money to buy the drugs…And the cycle repeats itself. And it’s sad that only few have the proper parenting or have reached a level of maturity to know that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that they should all shoot to reach

But the streets teach fights and drugs while the preachers reach for hugs and like Chester they have an ulterior motive and I’ve noticed, if kids can’t even go to church, then they play in dirt finding needles and pills and crack kills….but who’s there to tell them that? And school? School is supposed to help but if they can’t make it through a year because each month they get suspended for a week and now with too many days absent they didn’t complete enough hours to graduate, so they spend the next year agitating C.O’s spending months in the hole to be released in weeks to do 90 days in a half-way house but only half-way out cuz they still got 132 hours of community service. All because they spent 1 minute speaking out without raising their hand in science class and literally became an example of “gone in 60 seconds. But who’s there to tell them there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that they should shoot for.

Embarrassed to go to the store with food stamps rather have stomach cramps cuz they didn’t want any of their friends to know they get welfare but no one else cares cuz they all get it too yet still to embarrassed to buy food.

So, Social Services got rid of the bills and created the food stamp credit card, like people in the hood got good credit. But who’s there to tell them to cherish what they have and never be ashamed of where they live, where they’re from, what they’ve done and what’s become of the older brother, sister, aunt, uncle. Mommy and Daddy didn’t work out but are always out working tryin to keep the roof up and with all that work there’s little time to teach cuz when they get home, their kids are already sleep or they’re too busy tryin to make sure their kids get something to eat which leaves little time to tell them there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that they should all shoot for.

Instead of teaching your boy to hold doors he’s learning to load a 44 magnum instead of learning to put a magnum on his load or learning to call women whore’s sluts tramps and tricks and getting kicks out of stealin from Big Mama’s purse and cursing out every adult that tries to tell him what to do. And the girls, the girls have trouble growing to be ladies because they’re forced to fight all the boys for being perverts and looking up their skirts, BUT, if their skirts weren’t so short then they wouldn’t spend such a short time being girls rather than being forced to be 14 year old ladies with babies…and we wonder why single parenthood is so common. We cant expect a 14 year old boy to know about that type of commitment, responsibility, dedication, he cant even get a job and when he turns 16 and has the opportunity to, he still can’t get one because his people skills suck he’s like “yo, I’m sayin tho, I need this job son, I mean Sir” But his soon to be baby has helped him mature and understand that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that he has to get to so his son wont live a life like his, but he’s 16 and how can we take advice from a boy that hasn’t even lived life?

If we believe the children are our future then we should know that they learn from our past and presently tomorrow is lookin like yesterday.

If we believe the children are our future then we should teach them well and not let them lead the way until they’re ready. The pressure is placed on the adult to teach the children that they CAN, it is possible, THEY CAN reach that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they just have to crawl out of the box of shit on the other end.

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