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Sooo my people, Im doing a thing. Im a part of this AWESOME musical. My debut in musical theater.. NOPE, im aint sa… https://t.co/5iLYsFVuOQ

Where I’m From

Where I’m from isn’t as bad as people always make it seem

Where I’m from kids are finding better ways than breaking the laws, smoking, and drinking,

They’re now taking a pause, stopping and thinking, making better choices in life to prepare for their future, cuz livin life as a bum is not something they can get used to

But where I’m from some bums dress better than teachers

And have more faith than our preachers and since there’s no money

Their life is now featured around violence and crime, sniffing lines and half of their time is spent begging for dimes

Which means they can probably get jobs as salesman because somehow they manage to tell you exactly what you need to hear and have you digging in your pocket to give them your last bit of change

But change is what we need so society can breathe a breath of fresh air

By knowing our kids care about going to school cuz Kanye West has now made it cool to be a drop out.

“Mr. Mr., them teachers don’t like me” s a cop out” That cop’s out to get me” is an excuse

So excuse me for telling it like it is, but our kids don’t care anymore and I’m blaming it on the parents, Cuz apparently, nothing is being said at home, too many kids feel alone

Where I’m from, if you catch em while they’re young, there’s still time for change, yet too many have grown stubborn their ways and now their days are spent are spent behind bars, jail house rap stars, body builders and ballers and I’m just callin it how I see it, cuz I’ve seen it, as far as you know I could be it

Where I’m from isn’t as bad as people always make it seem

Where I’m from, more kids know how to curse than write cursive and use words like lookded, hurted and worstest

She said ‘Mr Mr, he lookeded gooood but his girl was the worstest, it hurted My eyes looking at her”

And where I’m from, most people do laugh and no one wants to correct her, they just choose to neglect her

Which nothing new cuz so many men have done it before

Her mother’s ex-boyfriend (her father) Her own ex-boyfriend ( a father) Her sister’s soon to be ex-boyfriend, a father of 3 and 2 on the way and it’s so sad to say that too many men in this world have abandoned little girls or little boys for that matter

What ever happened to Daddy’s little girl

Cuz in this world, yes, even where I’m from

I’ve noticed a pattern with men leaving their young

So the saying fits perfect, Like father, Like son

Cuz they weren’t taught any better

But they learned how to measure, cuz they learned it in the hood

But it’s all good cuz school is for the birds, so they get high off that herb and hope Ms. Clark grades with a curve

So they can pass and graduate, But where I’m from they’re always a tad to late

Where I’m from, if it ain’t one thing it’s another

My 13 yr old student got caught smoking weed with her brother

Come to find out she’s pregnant and so is her mother

And what bothers is neither one knows who the father is

But around my way that’s just the same story just a different day

Where I’m from isn’t as bad as people always make it seem

So listen closely while I school you, don’t let my shirt and tie foul you

I’m from where you’re from, I’ve done what you’ve done, seen what you’ve seen

I was once in between a rock and hard place, just like you, yeah, my father left me too

I’ve seen my friends die, watched my mom cry and been too afraid to try

I’ve seen my grandmother slapped, my uncle on crack, I’ve seen a mother beat up by her daughter

And some honest to God truth, my great-grandfather was murdered over a quarter

Yeah, I received help from the state and damn what you say them food stamps were great

Yes I’ve heated my house with the oven and drank Kool-Aid from a jelly jar and the city bus was once my car

I’ve faced my share of adversity and overcame it all. They can’t stop me, I can’t lose, cuz I choose not to. Need help? I got you, We’ll make it to the top together, then scream, They may take away our dollars but they cant steal our dreams

We’re all in here, but things aren’t as good as what appears to be seen

And remember, where I’m from isn’t as bad as people always make it seem

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